Assistance to TRIFED empanelled ST Artisans

Artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world, behind agriculture. That’s right: millions of people in developing countries around the globe participate in the artisan economy, practicing traditional crafts as a means to earn income and sustain their livelihoods. These numbers are exciting, and there are more where they came from. The global artisan economy is a $34 billion per year industry. Promisingly, countries in the developing world have a competitive advantage in this sector because of their rich cultural traditions, diverse artisanal skills, and unique raw materials. In fact, developing countries today account for 65 percent of handicraft exports around the world.

To facilitate the artisans across the nation NSTFDC provides concessional finance to tribal artisans empanelled with TRIFED for purchase of project related assets and working capital. The tribal’s can avail the benefits of the schemes and thus make a global presence of their products.