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Ganga Kalayan Yogna helps Bosaiah
Born in a family of agricultural family Shri Bosaiah So Mudiyappa use to till land of his rich tribal cousins and lead a life of deprivation and hopelessness .His income peaked at the most of Rs 11000 per annum plus some produce out the of agricultural output he has produced on large field owners of his village as is the practice in the agricultural community. He learnt about the Ganga Kalyan Scheme from a relative who worked with the Govt. He applied for the loan and was selected by the local selection committee . He was granted sanction and soon his field was surveyed for ground water and bore well dug by the company contracted by the state govt. The water was oozing out like Ganga from the pumpset signaling the advent of better times to the family. The beneficiary family started taking 3 crops from his land and was to make an income of Rs. 65000 per annum plus full supply of food grain and vegetable from field . The beneficiary is able to now provide good education to his children and better health care to his old parents and family . The economic status as well living standard of the beneficiary has risen and he is happy and upbeat. He is regular in the repayment of loan .