Our Team

Our TEAM has the ability to work together toward a common vision. We aim to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. The team have the common goal to assist scheduled tribes financially by facilitating the various schemes provided by the Government and to create awareness about the schemes to the scheduled tribes residing across the country.

Meet the TEAM
Sl.No Photo Name Designation Phone Fax E-Mail ID
1 No Image Sh Asit Gopal Chairman-cum-Managing Director 011-26712519 (O) 011-26712574 asit.gopal@nic.in
2 No Image Sh. Anil Kumar Juyal Chief General Manager (Finance) 26712562
3 No Image Sh. S.N.Galgotia General Manager (Proj. -South zone & Admin) 26177046 26712574
4 No Image Sh. M. K. Brahma General Manager (Proj.- North & North west zone/OL/Pers.) 26177042 26712574
5 No Image Sh. R. J. Kachhap Deputy General Manager (Proj.- Central and North East zone) 26177046 26712574
6 No Image Smt. Promila Thakur Deputy General Manager (OL & Proj.). 26177044 26712574
7 No Image Sh. Kunj Bihari Company Secretary 26177057
8 No Image Smt. Madhu D. Shahani Asstt General Manager (Finance) 26177052 26712574
9 No Image Sh. Ravi Kant Taltia Asstt General Manager(Finance) 26177057
10 No Image Ms. Bismita Das Chief Manager (PET) 26177052 26712574
11 No Image Sh. Pradip Kumar Singh Manager (Proj.) 26177062 26712574
12 No Image Dr. Jyoti Singhal Manager (MIS & Proj.) 26712587 26712574
13 No Image Smt. Monika Jerath Manager (Admin.) 26177062 26712574
14 No Image Sh. Anil Batra Sr Secretary to CM 26712574
15 No Image Mrs. Rita Ahlawat Sr.Private Secy
16 No Image Sh. Vijay Singh Deputy Manager
17 No Image Sh. Ratan Singh Deputy Manager 26180976 26712574
18 No Image Smt. Kiran Pushkarna Sr. Private Secretary
19 No Image Sh. Kalka Prad Sharma PS to CMD 26712519
Sl.No Photo Name Designation Zone Tele/ Fax
1 No Image Sh. Vijay Giridhar Ghutake Asstt. Zonal General Manager ( Bhopal, MP) Central 0755-2660456
2 No Image Dr. Krishnaveni Motha Zonal Manager ( Hyderabad, AP) South 040-23396088
3 No Image Sh. Sunil Kumar Sahoo Zonal Manager ( Bhubaneshwar, Orissa) East 0674-2342132
4 No Image Ms.Neeva Bora Sr. Assistant(Guwahati) N. E. 0361-2232724