Repayment of Loan


Repayments are to be made by the SCAs in accordance with repayment schedule intimated to them at the time of disbursement of funds .

NSTFDC shall provide one year extra repayment period to the SCAs in addition to the period allowed for funds utilization and moratorium repayment period for the beneficiary(ies) under each project/scheme sanctioned by NSTFDC from now onwards.


Quarterly demands are raised by NSTFDC for repayment of loan and payment of interest by the SCAs i.e. 31st of March 30th June 30th September and 31st December .


SCAs may arrange demand drafts / TT's /pay order by 5th of following month of each concerned quarter. In case 5th happens to be a bank holiday then the DD's /TT's are be arranged before 5th. Such instruments should reach NSTFDC by 10th of following month .