Allocation of Funds


At the beginning of each financial year funds are notionally allocated by the NSTFDC to the SCAs in proportion to the Scheduled Tribes population in the respective States and UTs.

The SCAs may ensure the flow of funds in such a manner so as to maintain proper balance among different districts/regions sectors and achieving an equitable gender-wise balance among the beneficiaries.


Within the overall allocation funds are to be allocated keeping the following broad norms :

Sl.No Norms % age of Notional Allocation
i. Scheme(s)/Project(s) costing upto Rs.5.00 lakh per unit/profit centre 90%
ii. Scheme(s)/Project(s) costing above Rs.5.00 lakh per unit/profit centre 10%

However 10% of allocation earmarked for high cost schemes can also be availed for low cost projects.


Sl.No Sector %age of Notional Allocation
i. Agriculture & Allied Sector 55%
ii. Service Sector (Including Transport) 40%
iii. Industrial Sector 5%

Note: SCAs are at liberty to avail more funds under the Agriculture & Allied sector